EF- SFU Squeezing and Finishing Padders

Universal padders with special coated vertically located rollers for high squeezing-water extraction and finishing-impregnation. Fabric working range is 1800 – 2800 mm.

Liquid / Padder Tank

  • Stainless steel liquid tank
  • Steam base indirect heating system for liquid tank as optional
  • Stainless guiding roller in liquid tank
  • Manual position adjustable liquid tank for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Overflow and water level control system and discharge valve system manually
  • Liquid or water filling system

Main Features of Padder

  • Stainless steel main frame, upper frame, safety panels and doors
  • Pressure obtained via pneumatic bellows
  • Stainless steel tie-bars and balanced pressure dispersal
  • Direct gearbox connection to lower roller
  • Rollers made of solid shaft extra-thick special steel
  • 1 pc, driven scroll roller placed prior to padder tank
  • 1 pc, driven scroll roller placed in prior to the squeezing rollers
  • Functional control panel and control buttons
  • Emergency stop feature, upper roller rises up in case of emergency stop
  • Sliding safety covers to prevent splashes
  • By-pass transfer rollers if required
  • 7,5 kW 3000 c/min. motor power
  • Pneumatic compensating tension control system, linear potentiometer group

Squeezing Rolls

  • Vertically located 2 pcs rollers, 290 mm diameter Hypalon – Rubber coated squeezing rollers
  • Upper roller is bow, and lower roller is flat shaped for homogenous squeezing effect
  • Rubber cover hardness, 92° - 95° Shore for squeezing padder, 85° - 88° Shore for finishing padder
  • Linear pressure, 500 N/cm
  • Water spraying pipe to clean the fabric before entering squeezing rollers
  • Water shut off system when machine stops