Technical Specifications
  • Knife group consists one piece of stainless knife on air and foam knife
  • The up and down movement of knife group can be controlled by control panel and can be rotated on same axis by manual gearbox
  • Precisely grinded and chrome plated Ø350 mm cylinder is used in knife on roll coating method
  • Double idler cylinder group is used on coating on air process
  • Up and down movement is manually controlled
  • Chemical take off group takes off the chemical that got on Ø350 mm cylinder
  • Pressure can be given to the surface of the cylinder with gearbox turning method for better cleaning
  • Servo motor controlled, linear speed controlled module provides the transfer of the chemical equal and as desired
  • Optimum tension control with several Loadcell rollers
  • Inverter controlled pull-in/ driven cylinder group
  • PLC controlled electrical panel