According to vision of EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S, we develop and manufacture reliable products by using the supreme technology and provide after-sales services. EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S’s quality policy is based on ‘customer satisfaction’. Main purpose of the company is to provide products and projects according to company’s purpose international standards, technical conditions and customer demands. To keep the customer satisfaction lasting, assessment and evaluation of customers’ demands are being shared with our employees, product improving and certification are being done, and corrective actions are taken


‘Happiness of employees’ is the most important condition to ensure customer satisfaction in EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S.. Decisions are taken as per basis of ‘participation’ and taking the opinions of related employees. Individuals are equipped with sufficient information and ability and provided to take responsibility. Our target is to create working environment, which makes employees happy and pride, for employees who are working in design, production, R-D and assembly stages. Responsibility is individual but we encourage teamwork and the success of team is more important than individual success. In light of all; every employee, who works under the roof of EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.S, knows that EFFE Endustri Otomasyon A.Ş’s quality, which is the most valuable thing for giving our customers, with vision is ‘to be one step ahead’.

  • Not selling the products unless they are beneficial for customer.
  • To product durable product, industrial workmanship, perfect delivery.
  • To produce with materials that can be easily obtained.
  • Expertise of selling, service and customer demands.
  • Production concept is based on harmless to environment and job safety
  • Service concept is based on the idea of ‘customer is always justified’.
  • To provide maximum customer confidence with performance guaranteed applications.
  • To create planned production requirements for stability of quality.
  • To provide rapid feedback of investment cost.
  • Manufacturing reliable, rapid and according to customer’s expectations and business ethics.
  • To save customer’s benefit like ours.