EFFE has started to manufacture conveyor band system inside the chambers for stenter machines with 10 chambers. PASHA Model Stenter Machine is equipped with 2 special fabric carrier conveyor bands, one of them starts from pin chain tender frame and ends in the middle of the chambers and the other one located in middle of the chambers till the chamber exit. These custom manufactured conveyor tapes’ speeds are synchronized with machine speed, thus in case of increases or decreases on machine speed; bands’ speed accelerate or decelerate. Conveyor Band Inside The Chambers System works successfully in preferred machines in local market.


Better shrinkage values on delicate fabrics via bands that carry fabric through the chambers, compared to standard stenter applications
Avoids contact of fabric to the nozzles, thus eliminates pulling problem of fabrics with polyester back thread on highly overfeeding processes
Possible zonal deformations on polyester, viscon and nylon fabrics surfaces caused by nozzle contact are avoided
Pick line lagging problem is overcome, weft and warp adjustment done in weft straightener stays the same till the exit of the machine
Supporting to gain a better straight line on lined knitted and lined printed fabrics
On fabric intense overfeeding processes, especially light fabrics are transported tensionless and friction free by this unit thus maximum quality production is gained.