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Research & Development Center Configuration in Effe Endustri

Private sector R&D Center Configuration has come to life in Turkey, bringing progressive industrial infrastructure, increasing competitiveness, more efficient and higher valued added product manufacturing. Our innovative and developing company had applied to become a R&D Center, provided the terms and after the audit had taken its place in this configuration by 10th of January 2019.

R&D Center Statistics

Total factory area is 10000m².
350 m² of total area is R&D Center Offices.
250 m² of total area is laboratory, test area, prototype shop.
Total R&D Center area is 600 m².
18 employees in Effe Endustri R&D Center.
There are 1068* R&D Centers in Turkey, having 55.923 employees. **
There are 156 R&D Centers in machine manufacturing sector. **
389 of the R&D Centers are in Istanbul. **

*20 February 2019, TC Ministry of Industry and Technology data.

**31 December 2018, TC Ministry of Industry and Technology, R&D Promotions Head Office data.