EF- RBG Printing Machines Inlet Applications

Applications which are made for rotary and filmdruck printing machine’s fabric inlet provides better fabric position, better fabric width and better fabric tension uncurled and stable fabric tension knitted and woven fabrics. The main purpose of complete application units are to provide stable fabric inlet, less tension on the fabric and uncurl the fabric edges prior to the printing blanket.

EF-FCU Fabric Centering Unit (Pneumatic System)
The fabric centering unit ( EF-FCU ) is quiding and centering of fabric from fabric carrier to second fabric centering unit ( EF-FCU/B ) which is servo drive controlled. Most of the fabrics come from fabric carrier un-stable conditions due to the stenter machine plaiting process. The unit can be fixed and make correction to mis-alignments of fabric and increase the performance of servo-drive controlled fabric centering unit (EF-FCU/B).

EF-FCU/B Fabric Centering and Spreading Unit (Printing Machines)
Mainly unit is designed and manufactured to transfer fabric to printing machine’s blanket without any tension, centered, both side of fabric edge uncurled. It is designated to work compatible with sensors and DC motor unit that is required for referral of fabric from desired point to the printing blanket.

EF-BLR Pneumatic Compensation Roller
Desired fabric tension is controlled by EF-BLR model pneumatic compensating roller. According to the fabric type and desired tension fabric tension is controlled pneumaticall with linear potantiometer

EF-FTE Brushing and Dust Collection Unit
The unit can be used for final cleaning of fabric surface before printing process. First fabric surface brush / clean up afterwards, wastage dusts is collecting by suction unit. Thanks to the brushing and dust collection unit, fabric surface ensure optimal clean surface for printing as well as prevent the machine’s screens against the harmful effects of dust

EF-MED/SP Pneumatic Edge Spreading Unit
Fabric edge curls adversely effects printing quality and cause incease of fabric wastage. Thanks to the pneumatic edge spreading unit which is placed prior to the pressure roller where the fabric completely fix on machine’s blanket, both edge of fabric can be uncurled with success. Pneumatic edge spreading unit is equipped with special nozzle system that provide compressed air enable to open fabric edges. The unit use plant comressed air. If compressed air is not required, the unit can be used without compressed air. Spreading units where placed on sides of stainless profiles can be adjusted according to the fabric width seperately.